The Types of People to Surround Yourself with in 2020

Hello Supply Chain Rebels! 2020 is upon us and what a great way to start off the year inspired. Our LinkedIn network created a tapestry of the types of people to surround yourself with for a phenomenal year. What would you add? Tag a friend or rebel who embodies these qualities.

The inspired

The humorous

The authentic

The passionate

The motivated

The grateful

The open-minded

The listener

The positive

The pragmatic

The dreamer

The motivator

The inspirer

The executor (as in get things done)

The self disciplined

The cheerleader

The empathetic

The supportive ear

The self aware

The mentor

The unselfish

The humble

The curious

The courageous

The change agent

The responsible

The resilient

The maverick

The brave

The kind

The challenger

The advocate

The energizer

The collaborator

The connector

The winner

The pioneer

The creative

The persistent

The enthusiastic

The facilitator

The dogmatic

The genuine

Another response ~> Become this person

Another response ~>Meet the opposite of these people and lend a hand and heart