The Commoditization of Culture. Why How You Sell Defines Who You Are as a Company

Author: Luke SmaulTransformation is all around us. In some cases, it’s company driven, such as supply-chain transformation programs. In other cases, it’s in response to black-swan events such as COVID. I co-founded Chakra because I saw the potential of this type of transformation. Especially the possibility of harnessing the demand from people who wanted to work … Read more

Can Fashion Brands Wait for Consumers to Ask for Sustainability and How the Fashion Supply Chain Can Help

Author: Bettina HobsonThe Call for Sustainable FashionIf you’re a fan of the Batman movies like I am, there is a demand signal for help that that is flashed across the skyline when the mythical Gotham city is in distress. The light signifies that the city needs Batman. This is called the bat signal. We see … Read more

Exploring Bias in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation, the Future of Work, the Autonomous Supply Chain, and the Power of Diversity and Inclusion

AI and digital transformation are driving forces in business today. Yet, 67% of consumers are worried about AI discriminating against them. And 78% of consumers say that it is important for companies to take active measures to reduce bias in AI. Research shows that even the most well-designed AI systems can still end up with … Read more