Nevermind The Buzz Words: A Hype-Cycle Guide

Author: Luke Smaul of Chakra Since you are reading this on the Supply Chain Revolution, I suspect my topic won’t need any introduction; The Circular Economy. Promising to address the $4.5 trillion wasted annually in the current take-make-waste consumer model, Circular has gotten much well-deserved attention in recent years.   It is also adding deep economic dimensions … Read more

Beyond Tier-1 Suppliers: An Integral Part of a Sustainable Supply Chain

Author: Sneha Kumari Sustainability is more than just environmental and green initiatives. It is also about social impact and human rights.A supply chain report from BSR and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) defines Supply Chain Sustainability as:“Supply chain sustainability” is the management of environmental, SOCIAL and economic impacts, and the encouragement of good governance practices, throughout … Read more

Will Robots Replace Healthcare Professionals in the Future of Work?

Author: Ramatu Abdulkadir Do we need to develop talent in healthcare supply chains? After all, the BOTs will soon come and take over our jobs. What next? Who’s going next? When are the robots coming? These are questions that beg for answers as healthcare professionals and patients mull over the future of AI, machine learning, deep … Read more

Tips to Promote Gender Diversity in Supply Chain

Author: Dyci Manns Sfregola There is no shortage of discussion and research on the state of gender diversity in the workplace. Recently, we have seen the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign, Gartner released data on the percentage of women in senior roles in supply chain, the Women in Supply Chain award, and much more. While … Read more

Building Resilient and Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chains for Sustainable Development Goal 3

Author: Ramatu Abdulkadir In 2015, the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by world leaders with the hope to reduce poverty, inequality and climate change. Pre-COVID, the world was making progress towards achieving these lofty goals. The question is – Where are we now? What does COVID mean for the most vulnerable in … Read more

The Commoditization of Culture. Why How You Sell Defines Who You Are as a Company

Author: Luke SmaulTransformation is all around us. In some cases, it’s company driven, such as supply-chain transformation programs. In other cases, it’s in response to black-swan events such as COVID. I co-founded Chakra because I saw the potential of this type of transformation. Especially the possibility of harnessing the demand from people who wanted to work … Read more

Can Fashion Brands Wait for Consumers to Ask for Sustainability and How the Fashion Supply Chain Can Help

Author: Bettina HobsonThe Call for Sustainable FashionIf you’re a fan of the Batman movies like I am, there is a demand signal for help that that is flashed across the skyline when the mythical Gotham city is in distress. The light signifies that the city needs Batman. This is called the bat signal. We see … Read more

Exploring Bias in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation, the Future of Work, the Autonomous Supply Chain, and the Power of Diversity and Inclusion

AI and digital transformation are driving forces in business today. Yet, 67% of consumers are worried about AI discriminating against them. And 78% of consumers say that it is important for companies to take active measures to reduce bias in AI. Research shows that even the most well-designed AI systems can still end up with … Read more

Status Quo Challenge: Design Thinking for Supply Chain Transformation

Author: Dyci Manns Sfregola First things first: If you aren’t familiar with the term design thinking, at a very high level, it revolves around a deep interest in truly understanding the customers for whom products and services are designed. Apple, for example, is a brand that is well-known for using design thinking principles. While design thinking … Read more

Automation, Analytics, and AI in Supply Chain

Author: Sangeeta Gadepalli“Siri, play the ‘Supply Chain Rebel’ podcast”“Playing ‘Supply Chain Rebel’ podcast”Life has become so much more simpler with IoT devices and personal assistants available at our beck and call. You can ask Siri for the weather or ask Alexa to order dinner. But that’s on a personal level. What about on the grand … Read more